RMSO Box Office

Adults $35 - Students $15 - Children $5

(Chamber Music shows may be lower-priced)

**NEW** couple and family deals available on select shows

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to print my tickets? Can I use my phone?

Save the trees! You don't need to print off your tickets for entry. Our system allows organizers to scan the ticket PDFs directly from your phone, but of course you can print them off if you prefer.

The fastest way to get your tickets scanned is to download the SHOWPASS iOS or Android app!

On iPhone, you can also save your tickets to your Apple Wallet. 

If you're using your phone to check in at the event, make sure to turn your brightness up before your ticket is scanned.

my “Tickets Section” is Empty

Logged in Incorrectly

If your Tickets section is showing up as empty, you may be logged in to a different account than the one you bought tickets with. We recommend checking the name, and then logging out and back in, making sure to type in all your information carefully.

Logged in with Facebook

If you used Facebook to log in when you originally bought the tickets, do so again to make sure you can find the right tickets associated with the account.

Still Can't Find Tickets

If all else fails, there is a chance there was an error made when entering the email address that you bought the tickets with. Let us know and we'll get it resolved for you.

How Can I Transfer My Tickets to a Friend?

The transfer function can be found under the Purchases menu

To transfer tickets, log into the account where you initially purchased the tickets. Once logged in, click your username in the top right corner and select Purchases. You will see a Transfer button on the left hand side. If you are on mobile, you will need to open the hamburger menu beside the search bar.

Once you are on the Transfer page, you can search for events or products, and send them all in one transfer. Once you find the event you want to transfer, click Select Ticket Items and a menu will open where you can select the ticket(s) you wish to send.

Once all of your tickets and products are selected, simply click the blue SelectRecipient button, review your transfer items, and click Send Transfer. 

Please note, tickets can only be transferred once. 

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