Community Impact

Our mandate is to provide high-quality performances of Orchestral Music in the small towns (satellite communities) surrounding Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

To fulfill this, we ensure that our events are held in suitable venues in a number of towns, that our concerts appeal to both first-time and seasoned concertgoers, and that ticket prices remain affordable (even FREE for families and individuals who find themselves in difficult circumstances).

rmso accessible.png


The RMSO takes the music to outlying communities, allowing more Albertans to enjoy great music close to home. Whether families with young children, Seniors who don’t drive the highways at night, or folks who just prefer to support local options, the RMSO makes classical music accessible.

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Relaxed performances

No shushing and dirty looks here. We know that children sometimes get the wiggles, and we are happy to accommodate kids being kids (quietly). Many parents bring a colouring book and snacks for young ones.

First-time attendees and experienced concertgoers appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of the RMSO.

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It’s very rare that a family can enjoy a night out for under $100. Plus, children’s tickets are always $5.

Thanks to our generous donors, the RMSO is able to offer a generous number of free tickets to the Royal Canadian Legion, as well as other social agencies. This ensures the most discreet and highest-impact distribution to families who are struggling most.