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The Age of Accessibility

Conductor's Corner

The Age of Accessibility

Carlos Foggin

etiquette 2.jpg

Ever been to an event where you feel like you don't belong?  Maybe you feel like you don't know enough, or you aren't dressed well-enough, or that you're being judged for things you didn't even know you were doing "wrong"?  Which fork do I use.  Which wine glass is for the Zinfandel? Which bread plate is mine?

We've all been there...and we never want to go back to an event where we get funny looks for using the wrong fork. We just want to enjoy the food. Well, this kind of experience is all-too-common in classical music circles, and I think its awful. An environment which shames folks who are trying it on for the first time is not an environment I would want to be in, either.

The RMSO Difference


One of the most exciting aspects of live music is being able to see the musicians up close.  In the traditional model, great seats are expensive!  You'd have to choose between a great seat and an affordable seat.  With the RMSO, we only play in venues intimate enough to ensure that each seat is optimal for sound and sightlines.


The RMSO comes to you.  Minimal travel.  Zero cost to eat out. Win-win.

  • 6pm: Eat dinner at home
  • 7pm: Load the family into the car
  • 7:30pm: Concert begins
  • 9:30pm: Concert ends
  • 9:45pm: Arrive home


Whether this is your first experience, or you are a seasoned Classical Music Lover, you'll love our concerts!  Our Music Director designs each concert experience to appeal to a broad range of musical tastes.  Most concerts feature a blend of Classical Masterworks, Pops (light classical), and soundtrack/popular music.  

If this kind of approach sounds right up your alley, give the RMSO a try.  We're local, accessible, and you can even wear your jeans!  We hope to see you soon.

Next week I will explore the question of "Kids at Concerts"