Board of Directors

Incorporated in Alberta as: Rocky Mountain Symphony Society

  • Ms. Jennifer Abrahams, Vice-Chair
  • Ms. Alysha Bulmer, Secretary
  • Ms. Alison Edgelow, Treasurer
  • Mr. Ross Lemon, Director
  • Ms. Stephania Luciuk, Director
  • Dr. Kim Raffin, Chair
  • Mr. Carlos Foggin, Music Director (ex officio)


  • Music Director:  Mr. Carlos Foggin  email
  • Personnel Manager:  Mr. Ross A. Lemon email
  • Librarian: Mr. Duarte Silva



Growing communities of orchestral music lovers in small towns in the shadows of the Rockies.


Engaging orchestral experiences delivered in unique ways and unique places.


  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Quality Music
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability