Core Players

leadership positions

Music Director Carlos Foggin announces the following audition opportunities & dates:

  • Concertmaster (August 17-18, 2019)

  • Principal Violin 2 (August 17-18, 2019)

  • Principal Cello (August 24-25, 2019)

  • Principal Horn (August 24-25, 2019)

Preliminary rounds are blind. Screen may be removed for final round.

To request an audition packet, please send CV to RMSO Personnel Manager, Ross Allan Lemon.


mix of community and paid positions

We operate on a very limited rehearsal schedule of only 3 rehearsals; therefore, an advanced playing competency is necessary. Students are welcome to audition for section string positions.

If you'd like to be considered for either a paid or a volunteer position, please contact us. 

RMSO Chorus

Sing with the Symphony

The Chorus works with the Orchestra to achieve excellence in the performance of choral music and to promote the enjoyment and development of choral singing in the Calgary community. Chorus members come from all walks of life.