Season Tickets & Vouchers

save up to 25%

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best value

A Season ticket is issued to a single ticket holder for a set number of concerts.

  • Up to 25% discount is extended

  • Transfers to another person are permitted.

  • Exchanges prohibited, except for another night on the same series.

popular options:

  • Polaris Centre (6 Concerts) 25% discount

  • South Region (Okotoks, High River, Foothills) 20% discount

Custom Options

  • Do you want to mix/match concerts in your town with a variety of other concerts? Pick 3 and we’ll give you the 20% discount.

    • Example 1: Strathmore resident wants to attend the Strathmore Concert in March, plus the Christmas and Movie Music concerts at the Polaris Centre - this would qualify for a 20% discount.

    • Example 2: Bragg Creek resident wants to attend 3 concerts in Cochrane, Okotoks, and Foothills County.

  • Give us a call at (403) 255-9368 x1 and we’ll build a custom package.


flexibility without commitment

A Voucher is a pre-paid pack that may be used for any combination the purchaser prefers. They may be mixed and matched, enabling the voucher holder to attend multiple concerts in small groups or a single concert with a larger group.

Sold in the following denominations:

  • (6) SIX (10% discount)

  • (10) TEN (15% discount).

group orders

save 20%

We are happy to offer a 20% discount to groups of 8 or more.

Not available online. Please call (403) 255-9368 or email