Here, you will find information about the Rocky Mountain Symphony, our upcoming concerts, and some Classroom resources that you can use to help your students prepare for their first time at the Symphony!  All of our guides are prepared by experienced Music Educators, and are tailored to meet the objectives of the Alberta Program of Studies.

Additionally, please sign up for our newsletter!  The Education/Outreach newsletter will keep you in the know.  You'll be the first to know about upcoming tours, clinic opportunities, in-class demonstrations with professional orchestral musicians, artist-in-residence opportunities, and masterclass offerings.  Thank you.


If you have any questions, and would prefer to correspond with a real person with an Education Degree, please contact our Education Manager via email: Dylan.Martin (at) RMSO.ca  

If you need a quicker response (but not from a Certificated Teacher), please call (403) 478-7668 and speak to our Artistic Director, Mr. Carlos Foggin.

Click above for Education Resources

Click above for Education Resources